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श्री  गणेश  मंदिर   शिक्षा वाणी
Serene Sundays - Reflections”

The heavenly sage Narada narrated the story (undated) of Rama to Valmiki. This is Mula Ramayana, the original Ramayana. Brahma then came and asked Valmiki to compile Ramayana. Valmiki himself played role in Ramayana as a teacher of Rama’s sons, Lava and Kusa. Apart from Valmiki Ramayana, there are three other epic versions too. YOGA-VASISHTA RAMAYANA, ADHYATMA RAMAYANA, ADBHUTA RAMAYANA.

TULSIDAS RAMAYANA is the one that is most famous in North India. In south Kerala, KILIPAATTU RAMAYANA (Ramayana sung by a Bird) was made to read compulsory was a King’s ruling that made people to learn Malayalam language better and therefore the author Thunchath Ezhuthachan became the father of the language, Malayalam.

“The Critical Inventory of Ramayana Studies in the World” was published by Sahithya Academi (1993) giving an account of various Ramayanas. Ramayana from Malay, Philippines, Nepal, South-East Asia, Persian, Brazilian, Burmese, Cambodian, Egyptian, Hebrew, Latin and many more countries have theirown versions of Ramayana.

The whole Ramayana in a few lines, which is known as Ekasloki Ramayana gives the full story in brief :

आदौ रामतपोवनादिगमनं हत्वा मृगं काञ्चनं
adhau rAma tapovanAdigamanam hatvA mrugam kAnchanam
वैदेहीहरणं जटायुमरणं सुग्रीवसंभाषणम् |
vaidehI-haraNam jaTAyu-maraNam sugrIva sambhAShaNam
वालीनिर्दलनं समुद्रतरणं लङ्कापुरीदाहनं
vAleenirdalanam samudra taraNam lankApurIdAhanam
पश्र्चाद्रावणकुम्भकर्णहननमेतद्धि रामायणम् ||
paschAd rAvaNa kumbhakarNahananam etaddhi rAmAyaNam

Gathered a Great Army of Monkeys
Under the Leadership of Hanuman
Who was a great warrior
Then they went to the city of Lanka
Wherein Sita Suffered agony
Fought and killed the cruel Ravana
And went back to Ayodhya again
The epic Ramayana which happened at least 869,120 years back in Treta Yuga (A Yuga is a mythological period of time. Treta Yuga lasted 1,296, 000 years which was before Dwapara Yuga (864,000 years) and the present Yuga is Kali Yuga, started on 18 February 3102 BCE)  has its foundation on dharmic (virtues) life and that is why it still plays an important role in Indian society.

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