Sunday, October 23, 2011

santhi manthra - RIG Veda

Om vaang mae manasi prathishtithaa
mano mae vaachi prathishtitham
aaviraaveerma aedhi
vaedasya ma aaNisthah
s(h)rutham mae maa prahaasi
anaenaadheethae naahoraathraan sandadhaami rutham vadishyaami
sathyam vadishyaami
tad vakthaaram avathu maam avathu vakthaaram
om shantih shantih shantih

May my speech be fixed in the mind.
May my mind be fixed in the speech.O self-manifested Atman, do Thou manifest Thyself unto me.O my mind & speech, may you be fit to reveal unto me the highest knowledge.May I not forget what I have heard.
Without forgetting what I have learnt, may I be able to study day & night.
The right will I speak.
The truth will I speak. May Brahman protect me, May Brahman protect the preceptor.
May Brahman protect me.
May Brahman pretect the perceptor.

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