Monday, March 23, 2009


Bhoomi Vandanam

(Salutations to Mother Earth. Touch the ground with the hand before keeping the first foot on the ground in the morning when we getup from the bed after the sleep)

samudravasane devi
parvatasthana mandale
vishnupatni namastubhym
padasparsam kshamasva me

(another text version is mandithe instead of mandale)

It says, mother earth, you are with the rivers and mountains on you. Salutations to the wife of Vishnu deva. Forgive me for keeping my feet on you.

The mother earth is the wife of the protector Vishnu. Earth is the mother who feeds all of us. The mother with the mountains and the river flowing from that mountain is the breast milk that is being fed to its kids. This sloka is a salutation and begging the forgiveness for stepping on her, as we have no other go.

We all have the energy in us, what is called the bio-energy that supports our life, thinking and every other inner and outer activity. While sleeping, it has a calm working, and not much of energy is used. There is much energy around us; all in the form of subtle electromagnetic energy. Energies in the form of electromagnetic subtle particles settle around other energy and settle at peripherals.

At sleep one may have bad dreams and the other thought processes that also burn the bio-energy and thus disposes some electromagnetic energy around. These energies will settle around our AURA. Thus by the time we wakeup in the morning, the AURA will have an energy cover, which is not useful for us. This bad energy needs to be disposed off.

Electric equipment has a plug with the earth-pin for the disposal of the extra-unwanted energy. The unwanted energy that is around our body will automatically get earthened as we step from bed. This happens through the leg in the first step itself.

It has been observed that most of the paralytic and heart attack happens during the time when one gets out of the bed during when the earthling happens through the leg. It is proved that energy transfer trough hand is safer than the legs. That could be the reason for the sapa / beating and asirvada / patting being given with hands only.

Thus touching the ground for some time before the leg touch the ground is a good health practice in life. How much time to keep, is that prescribed by the sloka.

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