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Snana Samaya (While taking bath)

Snana Samaya (While taking bath)

Chant this sloka while taking bath

gangecha yamune chaiva
godavari sarasvati
narmade sindhu kaveri
jalesmin sannidhim kuru

The sloka will make you healthy.
The water being held in the hand while chanting this sloka is cold or hot, doesn’t matter, by the time the chanting is over the body will get adjusted to the water to get ready for taking bath.
The water with which one is going to take bath could be cold or hot. When the shower pours it on the body in the bathroom, the body gets a shiver, as the water is cold; and gets a shock, as it is hot.
Anyone who feels the temperature of the bucket of water in the bathroom feels the temperature twice and the second time he feels the temperature is all right, or much adjusted. This happens as the body feels the temperature of the water; the body temperature gets adjusted for the water. Thus one could take bath in hot or cold water after holding it in hand for some time. Just pouring the water, cold or hot gives a jerking to the body. This jerking given to the body is not a healthy practice.
Therefore hold water in the hand for some time before taking bath. The time span is the time for chanting a sloka and let the sloka be that of water and river.
This gives a national integration message as the rivers in Bharath are being described here. Almost all the states are connected with the rivers mentioned above. Try to learn the river names and the states through which it runs.
The Saraswathi River, which is not on the topography of Rajasthan and Gujarat to be visible today, is flowing below the ground since BC3200. This shows this sloka is over 5000 years old. Ours could be the only civilization were slokas like this are living thousands of generations.
The sloka connects all the rivers and says the water is same. The dip in any river is equal as all the water is connected in the space. The water gets evaporated and they mix in the upper atmosphere and pours back. Thus all the water is the same and they are all connected.

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