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Feeling Cold : Say NO with Bhakthi, Festival and Aroma Therapy

Feeling Cold : Say NO with
Bhakthi, Festival and Aroma Therapy

It is the cold season. People have more pain for silly reasons. Lot of respiratory problems also starts disturbing in this season.

Don’t keep telling people that feeling cold. The mind will start feeling. You agree that it is the feeling and not the reality. Thus if u keep feeling that it is not cold, the cold will not be felt.

He body reacts as the mind reacts. It is said that

sareera manaso yoga
aadhaara adheya bhaavena
thapthajya khadayoriva

The body and the mind is such related as the vessel and the oil.

There is no use of telling that I am feeling cold in the cold season. He season is same for all of us. And we say ‘very bad cold’. It is not that the cold is bad. It is that we are bad and thus we feel that the season is bad. The outlook must change.

The ‘namajapam’, Rama Rama, Krishna Krishna, Govindha Hari Govinda, Amme Narayana, Swamiye Saranamayyapa …. Just try these when u feel cold, the cold will go.

Try to take bath in the early morning in the cold water, once the body get conditioned in cold, the outside cold will not be a problem. If you take bath in the hot water the cold will be felt more.

Many of the festivals are necessarily to change the eating pattern, as the cold season demands more of eating. The cold season will also make people lazy, the festivals keep people on motion and enjoys and demands the social visits.

Accept the nature, and live with that. Enjoy the cold.

It is easy to say but difficult for the people, those who are sick.

The skin has more than 3000 pores in an inch-by-inch surface area on our body. The air gets into body through these pores in the skin. The cold season the pores get shrink and the oxygen flow gets reduced.

Thus many diseases and the pain increase for a small silly wound hit or hitch.
The body stretching can increase the oxygen and the blood flow.
Warming up.
Those who are sick, and to be protected from the cold could apply oil and cover the pores in the skin. And once the oil is removed, after a bath in hot water is a must, so that the pores will get opened. Use of Karpooradi thailam on the body before bath after a dry heating is good for the blood circulation. Dry heating can be done with water bag or use of bottle filled with warm water and rolling on the body.
At night keep the heating machine, at least a small mosquito mat heater in which keep the camphor. This will give a good smell and helps for the easy breath. This is camphor aromatherapy.

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