Monday, March 23, 2009


Our Success is in our hand

Morning from the sleep as soon as one wakes up; we are supposed to chant

karaagrey vasathey laxmi,
karamadhey saraswathi !
karamooley sthitha gouri,
prabhathey Kara darshanam !!

Meaning :
On the tip of the palm is Goddess Lakshmi, in the middle of the palm is Goddess Saraswathi, on the base of the palm is Goddess Gouri, see the palm in the palm in the early morning.

Wake up and get up
The wakeup call is at the brahma muhurtha, the time when Brahma calls each one of us for the activities of the day. The time of creativity, the beginning of the activity. The god is who calls us in the morning. And one who doesn’t listen to this call of god will never get the ear of the god when he calls him. Thus be creative, getup as soon as we wakeup. Chant the above sloka and rub the eyes with the hand and take a deep breath by stretching the hands back, shake your legs and hands.

This sitting and chanting have a health concept
One who is on the bed is horizontal to the ground. Thus the gravity pull is not on him. The balance is not an issue. The body is at ease. (This is explained with the understanding of the non-Newtonian fluids in the body). As he gets up the whole body gets in to a different state of balancing. This should not be done without a preparation. The time for the preparation is the intermediate level in the body posture. That is the sitting position. The time for this is the one sloka chanting time. Thus the person will get out of the bed only after making sure that he is in full consciousness of the body. Thus the risk of any shock to him is taken care of.

The Motivational Message
The money, the goddess of wealth - the Laksmi is in the tip of the hand. One rubs the fingers to each other to show the money, thus matches for the position given to the goddesses.

Just behind the money, if education does not exist, the money will not be spent wisely. Thus the presence of education is very much essential in the hand. Olden days the iron-pen is used and it is pushed against the palm center while writing. Thus the godess of education, saraswathi is seen in the center of the palm.

No one can use the force without folding the hand. Thus the power, the sakthi remains at the base of the palm. Having money and skill without health is useless. Thus the arogya, the sakthi is essential in our hands. The Goddess of power, energy is the Gouri and the place for this goddess in the palm is given at the right place.

Look at these three powers, which are most essential factors for any one to act. The Kriya sakthi is the combination of money and energy. The Jnana sakthi is the skill. These are essental and knowing that these powers are in our own hand will make us active. The feeling that my abilities are in my own hands makes me to be a good performer. The sloka is to remind us that the Goddess is with us, now it is for us to act. Work hard to make money, learn well to create skill, eat properly and exercise will to generate energy. Then goddess will remain with us on our palm.
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